Market: Will ARK delegate "arkade_delegate" be one of the top 51 ranked ARK delegates for at least 3 consecutive days before the end of February?

"arkade_delegate" is currently ranked as the ARK delegate with the 58th highest votes: 143,227.72. The 51st ranked delegate currently has 1,434,852.53 total votes, meaning 1,291,624.82 ARK collectively need to vote on "arkade_delegate" for it to join the ranks of the top 51. This is about $500k. However, it's worth noting that there is no opportunity cost (neglecting possible commission differences and tx fee costs) to switching ARK delegates, so a large ARK holder could easily and risklessly change their vote to "arkade_delegate" in order to claim the bounty available in this PM. By 3 consecutive days I mean 72 straight hours. This is an experiment on the topic of leveraging Augur to synthetically buy votes. Or, put more generally, influence on-chain governance. ARK address of "arkade_delegate": ANqAEPD7xeurW4bvcLfwZNHuXahKTArX1t union

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