Market: Will Ethereum trade above $515 any time in August 2018? will be used as the deciding source of this market. If it is not available at the time of closure of this market than shall be used as the deciding source.

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Creator 0x817f4d1f707ede91f30de3f22d526472c8834ca5
Total Fee Rate 1.01%
Volume 0.3 ETH
Open Interest 0.1 ETH
End Time Sat Sep 01 2018 03:59:00
State Finalized

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Sat Aug 11 2018 12:46:50Yessell0.50.10x871930...0x88a628...
Thu Jul 26 2018 17:51:30Yesbuy0.680.10x871930...0x817f4d...
Thu Jul 26 2018 01:52:46Yesbuy0.650.10x817f4d...0x871930...

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