Market: Will the player with the most power (as of Ethereum Block 9029586) win Cheeze Wizards?

Currently this player holds 448,101 power across two separate accounts, which is much higher than the power of rest of the remaining Wizards combined! Will this dominant player be the one to win the Big Cheeze Prize? About this player: Account 1 - Owner: @B1ackKett1e (Twitter) - Owner address: 0x5bde8DFa3b9e3bA3E4165987c7aA8E0465956fe2 - Wizards owned: 22 - Wizards remaining: 2 - Current total power: 274,335 (2 Wizards) - Total Duels: 68 - Cumulative win rate (all Wizards): 72.05% - Summoner profile: Account 2 - Owner: "JABBA" - Owner address: 0x8eD4D3c67Ee1a73f5DF8cA3e10698F1cd4c5b14c - Wizards owned: 93 - Wizards remaining: 1 - Current total power: 172,802 (1 Wizard) - Total Duels: 243 - Cumulative win rate (all Wizards): 57.2% - Summoner profile: Noteworthy: - Transactions on the 2 accounts in question show them to belong to the same purchaser with name JABBA on - Despite being known for buying up all the tournaments power (on OpenSea and CWHelper) this player is also a top duelist with a combined win rate of 64.62% across both accounts in over 300 matches played About Cheeze Wizards: Cheeze Wizards Tournament is a test of skill, power, and cheese. Players summon Wizards to compete in the tournament and every Wizard summoned increases the size of the Big Cheeze prize. Wizards battle in one-on-one Duels with the winner gaining a portion of the losing Wizard's power based on how many turns they won and the weight given to each turn (as later rounds have greater impact). During the last phase of the tournament the least powerful Wizards are devoured by an entity known as the "Blue Mold". The final Wizard standing becomes The Big Cheeze gaining the honor and ether that comes with that title. There are three phases to the Cheeze Wizards tournament: Phase I – The Gathering: Players summon Wizards and form parties Phase II – The Greet and Beat: Players may summon Wizards, form parties and also battle Phase III – The Championship: Blue Mold begins and Wizards battle in Duels until only one remains The Cheeze Wizards tournament is currently in Phase III with a Blue Mold threshold of 32,768, as of Ethereum block 9029586, and will soon be increasing to 65,536. Players with power levels below the Blue Mold threshold become “molded” and are eliminated from the tournament. For more information about Cheeze Wizards see: Helpful for reporters: - For best user experience when viewing the resolution source make sure web3 is enabled and you're logged into your Dapper or Metamask account - With web3 enabled you'll be able to view the block height of each duel in the player's match history - In the event this Wizard survives the Blue Mold increase, but is already molded by the time you're reporting, market resolution can still be verified by checking the block height when the Wizard was molded (killed). - In the event Wizard #5061 survives the Blue Mold increase but doesn’t duel afterward, but instead gifts or sells their remaining power, or transfers their Wizard to another player's account, an official announcement will be made by the Cheeze of Insight Twitter account (@cheezeofinsight). In such a case, the market can still be verified by checking the user's owner wallet for transactions to the "gift power" or ownership transfer functions of the Cheeze Wizards smart contract.

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