Market: Will Alta Ski Area report 100 or more inches of snowfall this February?

This market shall resolve to YES if the Cumulative Season Snow on the last reported date in February 2019 is 372.0 inches or more, otherwise NO. If the resolution source changes formats but unambiguously presents the equivalent information, the market shall resolve to YES or NO as indicated thereby. If the resolution source is unavailable altogether or not up to date by the expiration date, and the reporting ETH address posts a comment to this market on, while holding at least 20 REP, testifying that they contacted Alta Ski Area directly and received an unambiguous answer, this market shall also resolve to YES or NO as indicated thereby. Only if such a post is unambiguously contradicted by authoritative alternate sources such as the Utah Avalanche Center, US National Weather Service, or the nearby Snowbird resort shall this market considered to be INVALID.

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