Market: Will the DAI-USDC May 5th daily close price on Coinbase Pro be 1.00 or more?

This market shall resolve to YES if the close price of the May 5th, 2019 daily candle is 1.00 or greater, otherwise NO. provides a user-friendly, graphical view of the resolution source data. The source itself is a JSON API endpoint, and should only be needed in a dispute resolution scenario, or if the app is not available in your country (I think the API is available everywhere.) See for exactly how to interpret it, but the relevant result will be a JSON array containing 1557014400 at index 0 and the close price at index 4. (1557014400 is the *start* time of the candle, or May 5th 0:00 UTC in Unix time. Note, this means the granularity parameter in the URL is significant. Note also that Coinbase Pro always uses UTC time for its daily candles.)

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