Market: Will House Market 0xbbbc be disputed as Invalid? ⚔️

Will the Augur market 0xbbbc0a8baa03535e0a680ee2f057162aaaafd570, "Which party will control the House after 2018 U.S. Midterm Election?" ever be disputed as "Invalid" at any point before January 4th? This refers to it winning any dispute round with "Invalid" as the "Tentative Outcome". Future dispute rounds shall have no effect on this market. A partially filled dispute stake shall not count. So that means, it would have to be successfully disputed as invalid on any of the 19-Dec, 26-Dec, or 2-Jan dispute rounds.

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Creator 0xc64e96319366da7d00ef4bc14b42e8b1f3a31f52
Total Fee Rate 3.34%
Volume 4.56 ETH
Open Interest 2.9 ETH
End Time Fri Jan 04 2019 10:44:00
State Finalized

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Sun Dec 30 2018 23:15:56Yessell0.450.70xc64e96...0xab13d1...
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Sat Dec 22 2018 04:29:46Yessell0.610xc64e96...0x6d9d70...
Wed Dec 19 2018 20:55:06Yesbuy0.690.80xc64e96...0xc64e96...
Wed Dec 19 2018 02:04:31Yesbuy0.690.650xc64e96...0xc64e96...
Sat Dec 15 2018 23:06:15Yessell0.650.10xc64e96...0x871930...
Sat Dec 15 2018 17:06:49Yesbuy0.710xc64e96...0xf09c6c...

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