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Market: Will the base price announced for the Tesla Model Y be $39,000 (USD) or lower?

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Description: This market will resolve based on the base price officially announced by Tesla, whether through its CEO Elon Musk or any of its officials, employees, or official communication channels, for the Tesla Model Y. The car according to tesla.com/modely will be unveiled at an event on March 14, 20:00h PDT. Price denominated in US Dollars. The base price for the car can be announced before the Tesla Model Y Unveil event, during the event, or after it, and the market will be reported based on that number as long as it is announced before the market’s resolution time. If different base prices are announced during the duration of the market, the market will resolve to the latest official base price. If more than one price are officially referred to as base price, the market will resolve based on the lowest one. If no base price is announced by the company or any of its officials or employees before the market’s resolution time, the market will be reported as invalid. The market resolves to the announced base price, regardless of Tesla being able to manufacture the car at that base price in the months or years after the market.

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